Sten Spa

The firm STEN was established on 27th November 1985.

In its own 45.000 sqmt stockyard located next to Marina di Carrara port STEN is importing and distributing exclusive granite and marble blocks from everywhere.

Since the beginning STEN distinguished itself for seriousness and for the quality of the stones being  imported.

The blocks can be comfortably inspected as in the backyard of your home in the seven stockyards of STEN, each one equipped with its own gantry crane: one of Fifty, three of Forty and three of Thirty-five tons capacity.

Due to the efficient washing system and the block tilter, the different materials can be perfectly examined in any side.

STEN also offer the service to store the blocks to other selected companies, each one specialized in materials from different areas of the world and of different types.

You can find granite from India, Angola, Brazil, South Africa; onyx from Iran and Turkey; marble and travertine from France, Macedonia, Greece and Italy, all in block form.

No matter what, there is always a good reason to come to STEN to select your stone!